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Tree Pruning Adds Value

Having a yard with trees on it can increase your property value. However having unattractive, unkept and or damaged trees on your property can actually hurt your bottom dollar. Pruning your tree can directly put money back into your pocket by increasing your home resale value!

Pruning removes all dead wood and unsightly overgrowth. We take unsafe and unstable limbs that could pose a possible threat and thin out the canopy. This allows for more air flow and sunlight. We proudly offer our pruning services to all customers in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.


Is pruning required? When referring to trees in the forest where there are a number of trees growing together there is little maintenance required.

However when you are referring to trees planted in suburban areas, it is required to sustain proper pruning practices to keep up with the growth and shape of the crown of the tree. This process aids in the health and prevention of disease.


  • Do we need a permit?

    It is not necessary to have a permit when you want to have pruning done to the shrubbery at your home.

  • How much of the tree can you prune?

    Proper arboreal practices state that for most species you should never prune away more than 30% of the canopy. This limit is to maintain the health and to prevent taking away the necessary energy needed to enable proper regrowth.

  • Will it hurt the tree?

    No, it does not hurt the tree. This type of maintenance protects its health and ultimately makes the immediate environment safer.

  • When should I start pruning?

    It is best to wait at least three years after planting before you start pruning your trees to be sure that the limbs are stable and mature. If you start pruning too soon, it can inhibit growth in a sapling.

  • Is there a time of year we should do this?

    Yes, the most effective time of year to prune your evergreen (coniferous) tree is in the fall, and for a perennial or (deciduous) it is best in late winter and early spring before the leaves start growing.

We are a family owned and operated passionate team of professionals. As hands-on owners and operators, we will be on site from the time of the call including when your property is serviced, inspected and cleaned. Choose Twelve Oaks, with over 15 years of arboreal experience you can guarantee that your request will be completed efficiently and effectively. Don't take a risk when it comes to your home and your assets. Call today.

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